When it comes to photographing your sweet newborn, I will only photograph your sweet babe in the safest ways possible.

As a leading advocate on newborn safety, I have had the opportunity to write Newborn Photography Guides and speak at photography conferences on this very topic.

Below you will see many examples of how I take simple set-ups to create beautiful and dramatic final edited images. Much of the work that I do is in post production editing after your sessions is complete. This is where my creativity comes alive and your images become more than just "pics." They become art pieces.

One of my favorite setups to do is with baby laying on my beanbag with Daddy's arms around baby. Once edited, it gives the illusion that baby is cradled only in Daddy's arms.

I use composite images for artistic illusions, which allows me to create a beautiful portrait without compromising the safety of baby. Composites are when multiple pictures are taken and edited as photographic layers. 

Baby's head and neck are extremely fragile and we will request parent participation for shots that require head and neck support. I always find that this is a great opportunity for Dad's to participate during the session!

The "froggy pose" (as photographer's have termed it) is a more complicated pose that is done ONLY if baby is in a deep, deep sleep. This pose is never (and should never) be done with baby's head and neck unsupported. As shown below, this portrait is taken with multiple frames and then later edited as a composite. 

My studio is chalk full of props, blanket, baskets, buggies, and other fun items to use during your newborn session. At NO time will your sweet newborn be left unattended on any prop that could place them in danger. Any time I am placing a newborn on a prop off of the ground, I will request Dad's participation to spot and be within arms reach of baby. The only time their hand is lifted off baby is during the 2 seconds it takes me to take my frames. Then back down his hand goes on baby while I set up for the next sequence of images.


I have been asked on multiple occasions to incorporate items that mean a lot to the parents. However, please note that if I do not feel baby will be kept completely safe, I will not attempt the use of a prop. It is much more important to me to keep baby's safety #1 than to attempt something that could potentially be harmful to your baby.

I absolutely LOVE what I do and love photographing these sweet little ones. If you have any questions or would like to book a 1:1 Newborn Mentoring Session, please contact our studio for more information.