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How Do You Want Yours Told?

Love stories... I love hearing them.

How they met... What she first thought of him. What he first thought of her. Was he nervous to ask her out? Who made the first move? How he proposed... The list goes on and on. I love the details. And couples love sharing them.

One thing I have learned as one who has documented love stories and photographed weddings for over 8 years is, there are no two stories a like.

They are all unique.



To document a love story is like being given a special key that no one else has to a secret doorway. You are given access to emotions, stories, and intimacy that must be handled with such care. The best way for me to describe it is when someone hands you their newly born baby. You hold that child with such delicacy so to not hurt it in any way. And I approach each wedding, engagement session, and love story this same way. Watching - waiting - listening - documenting. These magical forever moments that will be remembered by them forever and told to generations to come.

Wedding Coverage

My goal on your wedding day is for you to only have to focus on one thing, and that is the person you are saying "I Do" to. And to do that, I approach every wedding with detailed organization and love working with with my clients to create a photographic timeline that will ensure the best photographic coverage on their day.

Snohomish WA Wedding Photographer

Great photography, for me, isn't defined by a "pretty picture." It is the real authentic moments and emotions that are taking place within that frame. It is allowing my clients to be uniquely them in capturing the details of their day. THAT for me defines a beautiful photograph. 

I truly love my clients and consider it a blessing and an honor when I am asked to document such an incredible occasion. When my clients hire me, they become more than just a working relationship; we become friends and share happy tears as they vow to be devoted to one another.


For me, finding the RIGHT photographer bears the same weight as finding the RIGHT partner. It is a relationship that will FOREVER be entwined in your photographs.

This relationship between photographer and subject is crucial and critical. I will not sell you on a product or beg you to hire me. Instead, I will help guide you in the right direction in finding the RIGHT wedding photographer for YOU. And if that happens to be me, and we are both clicking with each other, then I believe a beautiful and wonderful relationship has begun!

Pacific Northwest Wedding Photgorapher

Photography is my passion, and I do it well. This I am not afraid to say. When hiring me as your photographer, you are not only hiring my experience and expertise, but placing your trust in me to document beautiful authentic moments.

Woodnville WA Wedding Photographer

Wedding Collections

Wedding Coverage begins at $3200. Complimentary Engagement Session also included.

Woodinville WA Wedding Photographer

To discuss your photographic options and collections, please contact our studio to set up your free wedding consultation appointment where we will discuss these collections with you in detail.

I look forward to meeting with you!