The Art of Ice Cream Eating || Pacific Northwest Portrait Photographer

There's an art when it comes to eating ice cream. Some like to lick their ice cream, savoring the cold creaminess of all the flavors. Others like to bite into their ice cream trying ever so carefully to not get any on their lips or face... thus eating their ice cream like it's a not meant to get all over you. Then there's the spoon and gulp method, ensuring that every last drop gets out of the container and onto some portion of the face to be enjoyed as the day goes on. 

Eating ice cream can definitely be tricky business, but watching kids enjoy their ice cream is really, really quite amazing.

The Art of Ice Cream Eating

Earlier this week Brooklynn and I took a day trip to visit my cousin out in La Conner, WA. I love that town. It is out (in what I would consider) the middle of nowhere, on the water surrounded by farm land. I could move out there in a heartbeat if it wasn't such a long commute back to my studio or husband's job. :) But it's absolutely gorgeous. 

While visiting I decided to treat everyone to ice cream... Because naturally, you don't just walk buy a sweets shop and NOT go in. Well, not at least if you're me or my daughter...

We walked across the street to watch the boats and I was totally enamored with how Raelyn was enjoying her ice cream. She was totally zoned in to getting every - last - drop. I love that girl. Haha!

So next time you're eating ice cream, make sure you are really focusing into the art of eating that delicious creaminess!