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Love stories... I love hearing them.

How they met... What she first thought of him. What he first thought of her. Was he nervous to ask her out? Who made the first move? How he proposed... The list goes on and on. I love the details. And couples love sharing them.

One thing I have learned as one who has documented love stories and photographed weddings for over 8 years is, there are no two stories a like.

They are all unique.



And I love it.

Love Stories

To document a love story is like being given a special key that no one else has to an incredibly special place. You are given access to emotions, stories, and intimacy that must be handled with such care. The best way for me to describe it is when someone hands you their newly born baby. You hold that child with such delicacy so to not hurt it in any way. And I approach each wedding, engagement session, and love story this same way. Watching - waiting - listening - documenting. These magical forever moments that will be remembered by them forever and told generations to come.

my grandparents

my grandparents

I love hearing how my grandparent's met. Where they came from. Their beginnings. Because I would not exist if it weren't for them. These are the images that sit on my fireplace mantel and atop my piano that beckon me to wander over and linger and admire the happiness that took place 60 years ago...

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How did your love story begin? How do you want it told?

Each love story is unique. Special. Beautiful.

No two love stories are the same. And I am so grateful to be given these precious keys to unlock and document these moments in history that will be told to generations to come.

It is more than just "pictures." It is history in the making.