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Poor October has been neglected so far on the blog. BUT, I will get things back up and rolling come Monday.

We have some BIG and EXCITING news that we will be sharing with all of you all soon, which is what caused the gap in my blog posts. I've been a tad consumed this past week, which caused my inconsistency in posts. But I hope to get things back to normal this Monday. And no, I'm not pregnant! LOL Let's not start that rumor! Haha! But it is exciting nonetheless. 

If you don't currently follow my personal Instagram Accounts, feel free to follow me at: @michellecnewell or my business account: @michellenewellphotography This is where I share daily happenings as well as behind the scenes shots of shoots, sneak peeks, and other fun glimpses into running a full time business, the craziness of being a parent, and homeschool mom. To say our life is "full" is an understatement. But it is a blessed life that I am grateful for and don't take for granted.

Pacific Northwest Portrait Photographer

I hope your October has been treating you well also! I love October and the colors of the leaves. We're battening down our house for the upcoming windstorm that is suppose to hit tonight, so the computer is getting powered down, batteries are stocked, and the generator is ready to rock-n-roll for when the storm hits!

I hope all my Pacific Northwest friends and family stay safe tonight!!