Memories || Legacy within Photographs

I have been going back and forth since Friday on whether or not I wanted to write this blog post... On Friday, I said one final goodbye to my Grandma Jean before she passed away. I could barely get out the words over the phone...  Often goodbyes involve tears and I hate it when my eyes get all red and puffy from crying. But I know grieving is okay...

My Grandma was tenderhearted. Gentle in every way. Graceful and beautiful both inside and out. She was a servant and put others before herself. She was a woman of Faith and loved Jesus with every fiber of her being. She lived the greatest commandment, to Love God and Love People. And I am beyond grateful for her legacy. 

Grandma's are so much more than old people with gum in their purses. Although, I will say, I loved digging through my Grandma's purse when I was little. It always smelled so minty fresh and had fun goodies inside of it. But really, Grandma's pour out wisdom, guide the young, instill values and morals in ways that others can't.

When someone passes we find ourselves clinging to whatever memory we have of them within photographs. We go back to old shoe boxes, photo albums, and now [sadly] folders on our computers, to find memories. I definitely found myself doing this a lot these last 3 days. Photographs remind us of who we are. Where we came from. Our legacy.

I love watching my daughter gravitate to old photo albums. She wants to know what took place, where the photo was taken, who that person is and why she wasn't there. She loves seeing old pictures of her mommy and daddy from when we were babies and loves to hear the old stories that go with them. I loved doing the same, especially when visiting my grandparents. I loved looking through their old photo albums and hearing the stories of what to place when...

Photographs are powerful.

As a photographer, I feel the responsibility as a "memory maker" even more so then I ever have. I have always known the responsibility I have had and have never discredited it. But saying goodbye to someone reminds you of that responsibility. Especially when you cling to those photographs and memories.

I am forever grateful for the imprint these two have left on my heart and life. Their legacy lives on in my life and so many others.

Love you Grandma & Grandpa!