Life's Little Gifts || Pacific Northwest Portrait Photographer

This years was our first year homeschooling. To say I was nervous is an understatement. I was always the type of person that said:

 "When hell freezes over is when I'll homeschool..."

"I just could never do that, we'd kill each other..."

"I only have one child, how will she ever socialize with other kids..."

"How will I ever run a full time photography business AND homeschool?!"

Well, this first year has been a year of breaking down every single one of those barriers. And it has been extremely fulfilling and one of the BEST decisions I have ever made as a parent. 

On a personal level, homeschooling wasn't about "sheltering my kid" so she doesn't experience life... Instead, we are experiencing it together and having conversations about the world I never thought I would have with my daughter. (*Side Note: Please know that I do not place any judgement on people's choices of schooling... Everyone's journey is different. Ours just happens to be homeschooling right now.) It has been such a rewarding and awesome year! And not to mention the incredible community that we are a part of called Classical Conversations. We absolutely love it and feel so blessed to be surrounded by an awesome community of homeschooling parents and kids to learn and grow from.

Ferry Garden

But apart from all of that, I have really come to cherish the little things about my daughter. I love watching her imagination come to life. I love watching her create little ferry villages and be interested in how things work and grow. And to be able to witness her imagination is truly a gift!

Next year as we continue this journey I hope to document more of it through my camera. This year was definitely a year of new adjustments that I rarely photographed. Maybe a photography fail or maybe not... However, I do consider this journey as one of life's little gifts that whether it is documented or not, will be cherished forever in my heart.