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I love fall. It is probably my favorite season other than spring. There is something about those two seasons. The beginning of life for one and the hibernation of another.

In spring, we sew our seeds, get the soil ready to plant and prepare for the blossoms of flowers and the chirping of new baby birds. In fall we harvest, clean out the garden, and put to bed the tools that have been used all summer long to grow and maintain our harvest. 

We are going on our second year of homeschooling here and I feel like I have a much better grasp on balancing a business and homeschooling than I did last year. We still have our rough days. And I still have my freak out moments of "I can't balance all of this!" Then I go grab a piece of dark chocolate, a cup of coffee, and text a friend and all is right with the world again.

I am grateful for this season in my life. Grateful for the moments I have with my daughter. The freedom I have in running my own business and schedule. And the many people I have been so blessed to meet and photograph. Running your own business has a lot of highs and has a lot of "busy" tasks that aren't so much fun. I wish I could say it's all glamorous and what not, but it's just plain hard at times. But even in those hard times and pushing papers and book keeping. I am grateful.

Flora by Michelle Newell Pacific Northwest Portrait Photographer

I hope you all have had a wonderful end to your summer and beginning of fall. Ours has been non-stop, but I am so looking forward to more cozy dinners, slippers, and beautiful outdoor fall portrait sessions!

Speaking of, my fall calendar is almost full. I have a few more openings in November, but I am filling up fast! If you are still hoping to schedule family portraits for Christmas cards, NOW is the time to do it! Especially before our weather really takes a turn!

Happy fall y'all!

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YUP!!! It's true! We're moving our studio... down the street! :) Hahaha! But it's even more exciting than that!

For the past four years I have been leasing a space to house my photography studio that I have loved! It has seen hundreds of clients, documented some of the happiest of moments, and truly been a dream that came true.

When I first started my photography business almost 9 years ago, I wrote down ideas, goals, and dreams. And one of those dreams was to [own] my own photography studio.  I was so ecstatic when we got the keys to lease this space 4 years ago and shared it for the first 2 years with my amazing studio partner, Elise Marie Photography. I later took on the space completely.

Snohomish WA Photography Studio

After coming home from The Blink Conference in November, I struck up a conversation with my husband regarding my current studio space and lease, which is ending in March. The question I was debating was, to stay at my current location or not to stay at my current location? We looked at our options for leasing another space, and were coming up dry. When it comes to a studio space (for me) there are a few key factors that I need/want, of which I was not finding.

Then we shifted ideas. WHAT IF we didn't lease a space... but purchase and own the space? 

That was a big leap for me. A BIG what if! We had talked about it in the past, played with the idea... And I have dreamt about it. But NOW it was a REAL conversation. One that we were really pursuing. So, like most people, we headed to the internet to look at our options.

When it comes to commercial real estate, there is a LOT out there. But when it comes to the location I wanted, size, price, etc, I am limited on what is available. One of the other big factors was not moving to a location that was further out for my current clients or far from where I live. Creating a longer commute for myself would be silly.

After scouring different websites, low and behold, we found a few commercial studio spaces for sale just down the street from my current location with the perfect space for my new studio!! So, in the next few weeks, we will be tearing up carpet, painting the walls and moving bookshelves to prep the new studio. As of right now, it is a blank slate, nothing worth photographing. BUT, once it is all beautified, I will definitely be posting pictures of the studio! So stay tuned!!