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Summer & Chickens || Pacific Northwest Portrait Photographer

I have always wanted chickens. They are funny little animals that I have always wanted walking around my backyard to greet in the morning and collect their fresh eggs... But sadly, that day hasn't come yet. Until then, I shall play with my friend's chickens. LOL

For over a year now I have been wanting to photograph my friend's little boy and their chickens. He is the cutest little dude and what goes better with a red chicken than a cute little man?!?! I mean really, can we say all together now, "ADORABLE?!" So last night, we were headed out the door to their house for dinner and I ran back inside and grabbed my camera. I couldn't resist spending 5 minutes with Silas and his chicken to capture these adorable images! 

Thanks little man for cooperating with a crazy woman and her camera! Hehe!

Summer Portraits by Michelle Newell Photography
Summer Portraits by Michelle Newell Photography
Seattle Portraits by Michelle Newell Photography
Outdoor Portraits by Michelle Newell Photography
Snohomish WA Portraits by Michelle Newell Photography
Snohomish Portraits by Michelle Newell Photography

Lazy Saturdays || Pacific Northwest Photographer

Saturdays are either extremely busy or super low key and lazy. Today, on this gloomy rainy Pacific Northwest winter day things were non-stop around the house, yet lazy at the same time. I mean really? Is that even possible? Yes, yes it is. At my house, it absolutely is.

I am not one to sit down and watch T.V. during the day. Typically the boob-tube stays off all day and we are "doing." Doing school, doing housework, doing projects, doing work-work... We're doing. I'm a do'er. Not a sitter. In fact, I have to leave my house in order to relax because when I'm home, I feel like I need to be doing something. 

Today, on this rather rainy and dark day, Brooklynn and I decided to bake some homemade whole wheat banana bread while the hubs worked in the garage. It's my favorite recipe by The Elliott Homestead. It is egg free and sugar free and oh so yummy!!!

taking on with my Samsun s6

taking on with my Samsun s6

The house smells absolutely divine and oh so cozy! We (really, I) made a low-carb Cajun Jambalaya by Fit Men Cook. It was a cookin'/baking kinda day. 

I am forcing myself to enjoy these lazy days as I watch my calendar fill up. Soon, I will be longing for the lazy days of winter again...

Hope you are having a lazy and relaxing weekend as well! 

Make Believe || Pacific Northwest Portrait Photographer

Make believe... a child's favorite game.

This past weekend we watched Anne of Green Gables after finishing the book. When the movie was over, Brooklynn immediately went into role playing and was on the hunt for a long gown she could pretend in. I happened to have this vintage gown in the closet I purchased for a photo shoot and decided to let her play in it.

Today she asked if I would do a photo shoot with her, which I obliged.

I'll be the first to admit, I don't take enough photos of her with my "big" camera. I have plenty of cell phone photos, but I admittedly fail when it comes to pulling out my professional gear at home. But today was fun. It took all of 15 minutes and the images aren't perfect or perfectly edited. I can sit here and literally pick apart all of the technical details that need to be corrected and how I should have shot the image differently and exposed it in-camera... But that wasn't and isn't the point of these photos. The point  and purpose was to allow my daughter to pretend, make believe, and do HER "thang." Not my own. 

And honestly, it was fun. :) 

I love this girl. Her personality, her creativity, her love for pretending in doing "fancy" things. And I love that I have the opportunity to watch her in this phase... Because how quickly it will go. 


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Hello February || Pacific Northwest Portrait Photographer

Hello February,

I am so glad you are a short month.

Today the skies are clear, the sun is shining, and it is frigid outside. I'm not one who likes to be cooped up for very long. I am very much a do'r and get'er done'r (<--- yes, I know this is poor English, ha!) so when there is down time, I begin to go a little stir crazy. Although, I am enjoying winter's ways of forcing me to stay inside and get much needed office work done and begin prepping for upcoming sessions.

Although, I am VERY excited about all of the upcoming newborn and maternity sessions that are booking up my calendar quickly!

Image from Pinterest

Image from Pinterest

Spring will be here very quickly, so if you are hoping to book your session with me this spring and summer, NOW is the time to book. My calendar books quickly, and once it is full, it is sadly full.

Happy February!

January Be Like... || Personal Post

January... A month for getting projects done.

When it's winter, we tend to focus on projects inside our house so that when spring and summer arrive, we're outside as much as possible.  It's also a time where I am able to spend focused time on business planning for the coming year.

Right now we're FINALLY tackling our laundry room, which has DRIVEN me NUTS for the last 5 years we've lived here. When we bought our house, it needed a LOT of TLC. The previous owners left the home disgruntled, so there was a lot of fixing we had to do. One of the random things they did was take racks, doors, and cabinets when they left the house, which then sat empty for 2 years before we purchased it. One of the rooms left all disfigured was our laundry room.  And I am so excited we're finally renovating it!

We're in the process of putting that ever popular shiplap up on the walls and painting it white. The upper cabinets are finally in and have been painted white as well.

Images from my personal Instagram Account:  @michellecnewell

Images from my personal Instagram Account: @michellecnewell

My husband built the lower cabinet and is installing reclaimed barn wood as the counter top for the vessel sink and vintage inspired faucet to sit on. Once the shiplap has been completely painted, we'll be putting two shelves above the sink on the wall out of more reclaimed barn wood. I'm so excited to see it all come together. It's turning out to be one of my favorite spaces. Plus, now I'll actually enjoy going in there to do laundry! Ha!

I'm glad we have some personal in-door projects to work on right now because I have been itching to get outside. I'm ready to plant my garden and enjoy warmer weather... But I keep reminding myself that we still have at least 2 more months of winter weather ahead of us... Gah! But that's okay. I will enjoy the calm before the busy spring and summer months ahead!

My schedule is already beginning to fill up with spring and summer portrait sessions. So don't delay if you've been on the fence with booking. I always get super bummed when my calendar is booked and I have to turn people away. So BOOK NOW!

Happy New Year 2017! || Pacific Northwest Portrait & Wedding Photographer

Happy New Year Everyone!!

I hope this day has been a restful one as we begin 2017 and plan, dream, and look forward to all that is has to offer!

This morning was a beautiful one for us here in the Pacific Northwest. Snow began falling late afternoon last night on Christmas Eve and didn't let up until the New Year. We woke up to a beautiful blanket of snow and an eager little one ready to hit the hills with her sled.

I am so grateful for the many blessing 2016 brought and am excited for the changes and new things 2017 has in store. Yet, one of my "new year resolutions," if you want to call it that, is to live in the NOW. To live intentionally in the present and now for things to come. It is easy to live for "what's next..." The next big promotion, the next opportunity, the next vacation, or the next day... But one thing that I have learned in my 37 years is that tomorrow is not guaranteed. Tomorrow is truly a gift and each breath, each moment with our kids, loved ones, and those around us should be cherished. And trust me, I am just as guilty to "want" that next "thing" too. But this year is the year that I live each day to it's fullest... Or try to at least. Even in the messy days when the laundry still needs to be folded and I've asked for the tenth time for the toys to be put away... 

I wish you all the best this New Year and I pray this will be a blessed year for you and your loved ones! I look forward to capturing those milestone moments in your life and loved ones, which will be cherished by generations to come!

Happy New Year!

Farewell 2016 || Pacific Northwest Portrait Photographer

It's almost here... AGAIN.

Can you believe it is almost 2017?! TWENTY SEVENTEEN! That number just seems surreal. 

2016 has been a wonderful and blessed year. A year for new adventures, new hopes, dreams fulfilled, and new blessings. It has been a year of meeting so many new people, capturing their favorite moments in life from new life to new love. Being a business owner and entrepreneur can be hard work at times, but at the end of the day, oh so rewarding! 

I have been thinking about 2017 and what that will look like for us as a family and as a business. I have found myself dreaming again and pushing myself to think outside of the box. It is easy to become "comfortable" and just coast through the days... But ultimately, I am a dreamer. Always have been... And I truly believe

God has blessed us tremendously as a family. I do not have enough fingers or toes to count those blessings. And every time I think, "That's gotta be it... the biggest blessing..." God blows my mind again.

I am excited for 2017. Excited to see what is in store, but am so grateful for every breath and every moment I am here on this earth to give back the blessings I feel and know God has given us. Loving God, Loving People, and Living Generously is how I pray I live my life everyday with my family, strangers, and those who walk through my studio door. 

I wish you all a very Happy New Year!

Photography Is Not My Hobby || Pacific Northwest Portrait Photographer

The title of this post is probably very obvious... But, photography is not my hobby. I love it, but there are times I enjoy setting the camera to the side and exploring other forms of art.

Last night while looking through Pinterest I saw this pretty deer and thought I would try my hand at it. It is no where near the original, but was fun to try. 

I need moments like this too. Moments that aren't specific to the craft of photography and allows me to play. Moments that are quiet and aren't pressured, rushed, or busy.

Watercolor Reindeer by Michelle Newell

I have tried hard this holiday season to block out time to do just that. To enjoy family time. To bake cookies, dink around with my daughter's watercolor paints, and watch silly Hallmark movies while the house is filled with the yummy smell of a winter candle burning.

Often times I find myself living by the calendar and "what's next" on the to do list. And while life, for me, needs to be structured and organized, having this time to let whatever happens, happen, is what I need. I truly think it's what we all need. If not. we live for the next big "high" of life and don't really just enjoy what is taking place.

I hope this holiday season doesn't pass by quickly without those quiet moments by the fire (as cheesy as it sounds) enjoying your loved ones around you.