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Every body is unique.

Every woman's story is different.

Every session is filled with vulnerability. Rawness. And organic beauty.

I can't tell you how many times I have teared up listening to the stories of how a mother became a mother. Whether there was loss, countless months, if not years, of trying or just the sheer joy of seeing that little stick tell you you're pregnant. 

I get it. I get those moments. And I also get feeling like your body is no longer beautiful because the numbers on the scale change as a life grows within. Or you see your body morphing and changing shape preparing itself so that it can bring forth this new life. We don't see ourselves as beautiful. We don't see the miraculous shape our body is becoming as lovely... However, when a woman comes to me and asks me to document the journey she is on, I take those minutes extremely serious. 

For the next 75 to 90 minutes we are together, I want to document and show her just how radiant and beautiful she really is. That she is one of the strongest, most beautiful, and gorgeous beings on this planet.

Maternity portraits are not just for reflecting on... they are truly empowering. And to read the private responses shared with me minutes after seeing their images, it makes me love my job that much more. 

Pacific Northwest Maternity Photographer
Seattle Maternity Photography by Michelle Newell
Intimate Maternity by Michelle Newell Photography
Outdoor Maternity Portrait by Michelle Newell
Intimate Maternity Portraits by Michelle Newell

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