Moody Maternity || Pacific Northwest Portrait Photographer

Winter and Spring in the Pacific Northwest can definitely create some very moody and very unpredictable weather. If you're a photographer and have lived here long enough, you learn really quickly how to adapt your shoots to accommodate to what the weather is deciding and not to predictable sunny California dreams.

I absolutely love it when clients hand me the reigns and allow me to do what I do best, which is create. Don't get me wrong, I love collaborating on shoots, however, I can often envision things that others might not. Not to mention, I am very familiar with the areas that I do sessions in and know how the light works in each spot that I choose.

On this particular day we were watching the clouds roll in. Hoping that the little wet rain drops would stay put for their session. And thankfully, they did. spring had not yet sprung, and everything was pretty much still in hibernation mode. No pretty buds, no warm light, just cold moody and unpredictable skies. But that was okay!

Sometimes you just have to take what the weather is going to give you and create something beautiful and dramatic out of what could feel like a bummer of a day.

PNW Maternity Portraits by Michelle Newell Photography

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