Lazy Saturdays || Pacific Northwest Photographer

Saturdays are either extremely busy or super low key and lazy. Today, on this gloomy rainy Pacific Northwest winter day things were non-stop around the house, yet lazy at the same time. I mean really? Is that even possible? Yes, yes it is. At my house, it absolutely is.

I am not one to sit down and watch T.V. during the day. Typically the boob-tube stays off all day and we are "doing." Doing school, doing housework, doing projects, doing work-work... We're doing. I'm a do'er. Not a sitter. In fact, I have to leave my house in order to relax because when I'm home, I feel like I need to be doing something. 

Today, on this rather rainy and dark day, Brooklynn and I decided to bake some homemade whole wheat banana bread while the hubs worked in the garage. It's my favorite recipe by The Elliott Homestead. It is egg free and sugar free and oh so yummy!!!

taking on with my Samsun s6

taking on with my Samsun s6

The house smells absolutely divine and oh so cozy! We (really, I) made a low-carb Cajun Jambalaya by Fit Men Cook. It was a cookin'/baking kinda day. 

I am forcing myself to enjoy these lazy days as I watch my calendar fill up. Soon, I will be longing for the lazy days of winter again...

Hope you are having a lazy and relaxing weekend as well!