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Running a small business has its many challenges. Especially when you're a one-man-band doing it all. You wear many hats, from accountant to creative director to photographer, editor, sales person, and distributor. It's a lot. Some days you feel on your game while the next you feel like throwing in the towel and getting a (dare I say the dreaded phrase) "real job." 

If you are new to running a business there are SO many tools out there that can help you run your business smoothly. For example, the company 17 Hats helps eliminate a lot of the paper shuffling and centralize a lot of the administrative work into one app to assist with workflow.

If you are a photographer, ShootProof is my go to for clients purchasing and viewing once their gallery goes live. It has literally made that part of my life SO much smoother for both my clients and myself. I currently do not offer in-person sales due time restrictions in my calendar and also have clients who travel long distances to my studio, so ShootProof brings their images into their home for easy and smooth viewing as well as purchasing.

Image by  Natalie Frank

Image by Natalie Frank

The one thing I highly recommend as a business owner is learning what your strengths are and outsourcing the areas you are weakest. Knowing this will make you THAT much stronger of a person and business. But this takes time. In the beginning it is daunting, but don't worry, it gets better. You may have to push through some all-nighters and spend countless hours working on projects to hit those deadlines. Some days may even feel like one step forward two steps back... But there is such a great reward when you keep persevering and pushing past those those hard days. No one every said owning your own business would be "easy." But it is oh so rewarding.