Winter || Pacific Northwest Portrait & Wedding Photographer

I'll be honest, I  love winter, but I hate being cold. I just shivered thinking about it.

I found myself thumbing through our gardening books last night looking forward to spring, wishing it was going to be warmer outside. But I had to make myself stop wishing for spring and enjoy this season for what it is. A time to rest, a time to plan and prepare. It's easy to want to move on to the next big thing or "season." Yet sadly, it doesn't allow us to enjoy the NOW. 

As much as I want to be warm... I am going to enjoy the cold, grab a blanket, and force myself to slow down and enjoy this time.

Spring will be here sooner than we know it... of which my calendar is already beginning to fill with maternity, newborn, and family portraits! Looking forward to meeting all of these wonderful families! 

Until then, stay warm!

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