Happy New Year 2017! || Pacific Northwest Portrait & Wedding Photographer

Happy New Year Everyone!!

I hope this day has been a restful one as we begin 2017 and plan, dream, and look forward to all that is has to offer!

This morning was a beautiful one for us here in the Pacific Northwest. Snow began falling late afternoon last night on Christmas Eve and didn't let up until the New Year. We woke up to a beautiful blanket of snow and an eager little one ready to hit the hills with her sled.

I am so grateful for the many blessing 2016 brought and am excited for the changes and new things 2017 has in store. Yet, one of my "new year resolutions," if you want to call it that, is to live in the NOW. To live intentionally in the present and now for things to come. It is easy to live for "what's next..." The next big promotion, the next opportunity, the next vacation, or the next day... But one thing that I have learned in my 37 years is that tomorrow is not guaranteed. Tomorrow is truly a gift and each breath, each moment with our kids, loved ones, and those around us should be cherished. And trust me, I am just as guilty to "want" that next "thing" too. But this year is the year that I live each day to it's fullest... Or try to at least. Even in the messy days when the laundry still needs to be folded and I've asked for the tenth time for the toys to be put away... 

I wish you all the best this New Year and I pray this will be a blessed year for you and your loved ones! I look forward to capturing those milestone moments in your life and loved ones, which will be cherished by generations to come!

Happy New Year!