Backup Saves Files! || Pacific Northwest Portrait Photographer

Yup! We've all been there. You thought you saved your files, thought you had backed them up, then POOF!!!! They're gone!

The idea of losing files scares me to death! And this week, I had a scare!

I have been trying since Tuesday to post sneak peeks, but my computer has been acting funny, which is delaying the process and driving me CRAZY! And today, I thought it was my main hard drive. Side note: For those wondering, I have 4 hard drives I work from. One is my main (1 Terabyte HD). Then a backup hard drive (1 Terabyte HD). A back up to the back up hard drive (2 Terabyte HD) and another just for funzies (because I'm anal and paranoid). 

And honestly, I would rather my computer die than a hard drive die. Why? Because I store NOTHING on my computer other than my software programs to keep things running fast and efficient.

Seattle Newborn Photography by Michelle Newell

I have had more than one client call me in a panic because they didn't back up their images. It's devastating when it happens. Software fails. I don't care if you work on a Mac or PC. THEY ALL FAIL at some point. And yes, I have had a Mac completely fry on me and I lost EVERYTHING. But thankfully, I noticed issues and backed up files an HOUR before it killed itself.

So don't be a victim! BACKUP and SAVE FILES!!!

If you're wondering where to purchase hard drives, Costco has GREAT DEALS on excellent hard drives. I personally use Seagate external hard drives. You can purchase a 3 Terabyte hard drive for $90 on Amazon OR you can backup ONLINE!!

Little scares like this are good for me. Even though I have my system of backing up files, it is a good reminder to NEVER trust electronics and to ALWAYS make sure things are secure and safe!

One more tip: when we have thunder and lightening storms, TURN OFF and UNPLUG your computers!!! You'll thank me some day.... Or, you'll be calling me...

PS ~ hoping to get sneak peek back up and running this week!