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I hear the statement or question: "I just don't get maternity photos. I mean, WHY would a woman want to have those taken?"

And my answer is:

Maternity portraits are about documenting a journey. A journey that is often skewed by how we are "feeling" vs reality. Our view of ourselves is often very negative. Especially while pregnant. Our bodies are no longer our own. Instead, it changes, stretches, and feels unrecognizable. While our heads are slung over a toilet saying goodbye to our breakfast from all day sickness, the last thing we think of is having our photo taken. And instead of seeing the beauty that is taking place and the beauty of the pregnant form, we see stretch marks, new dimples, swollen ankles, and changes that make us wonder, "Will my body ever look the same again?"

Maternity portraits are about SHOWING a woman that her body is STILL beautiful. That the life that is forming INSIDE of her womb, which grows and stretches her tummy, is incredible. That although she may "feel" bloated and have a different perspective of how she looks. That in turn is not reality.

I see beauty, curves, a miraculous journey of life. I see the journey that it may have taken to become pregnant. The struggles, fears, hopes, and anticipation. I see the stories, the tears... I see and hear it all. When I document the pregnant form, it is not just about a "picture." It is about the journey to parenthood. The journey of new life. Every one of these moments is wrapped up into one click of the camera.

This is why I photograph the pregnant form.

There is so much beauty that is taking place in those 10 months of carrying this precious life. And while her body may never go back to what it once was. This moment, right now, is beautiful. And most importantly, it's not about you. It's about HER. It is about her story. Her journey.

This is why I photography the beauty that is maternity.

I loved having the opportunity to meet this beauuuuuutiful mama! We have so much in common and I truly loved getting to know her. She is beautiful inside and out. Here is a sneak peek from her session.

Seattle Maternity Photography by Michelle Newell
Maternity Photography by Michelle Newell

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