Grateful || Pacific Northwest Portrait Photographer

Sitting here with a LONG to-do list of editing and a million other things going on and feeling grateful for the clients that I believe God has blessed me with.

I have never considered my clients a "transaction." We have personal moments that create beautiful portraits and share stories of life experiences that I believe creates a bond that will forever be connected. They will look back on these portraits some day with their children's children and [maybe] remember the crazy photographer lady who took them. =)

The past 2.5 weeks have been a tad stressful for me. From a computer dying, (new computer arrives tomorrow!! YAY!) to a full schedule of "trying to balance it all." I am reminded by my awesome clients who have given me grace during this frustrating 2.5 weeks that things happen, especially things I have no control over, and it's okay.

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So, THANK YOU, to everyone who has been patient with me while we get our computer issues all sorted out and have given me grace during this time! I truly, truly appreciate it and will be BACK into the normal swing of things tomorrow once the new system has arrived!!!