Baby Lucy || Pacific Northwest Newborn Photographer

Ooooh sweet squishy cuddly baby Lucy! What a joy to photograph! I loved every minute I got to spend with this sweet baby girl! 

Pacific Northwest Newborn Photography by Michelle Newell
Seattle Newborn Photography by Michelle Newell
Pacific Northwest Newborn Photographer by Michelle Newell
Kirkland WA Newborn Photography by Michelle Newell
Snohomish WA Newborn Photography by Michelle Newell

I also had the honor of photographing baby Lucy with her Daddy in his uniform. I am truly grateful for the men and women who choose to put this uniform on everyday to serve and protect. We live in a world that often feels like it is falling apart... Yet, there are men like this Office, whose heart gives me hope in humanity. It was an honor and privilege to photograph this moment. Below are some special words shared by Lucy's daddy.

"My priorities in life and my career in Law Enforcement have taken on a completely new meaning these last few weeks. I have a new and deeper understanding of the duty to protect the weak and those in need; which, even in the dark days we have been experiencing as a LEO family/community in this country, only burns my fire brighter to better serve my community. To all my brothers and sisters in blue, take the dark times we face and let it make you a stronger and better person today and for tomorrow, so that our next generations will be in a better world then we started with. God bless you all, stay safe, and ever vigilant." Officer Lisenby

"I prefer peace. But if trouble must come, let it come in my time, so that my children can live in peace." -Thomas Paine

Office and a Baby || Pacific Northwest Newborn Photography by Michelle Newell

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