The Dreaded Family Portrait Session || Pacific Northwest Portrait Photographer

Don't you just LOVE Pinterest? I know I do!

There are unlimited categories to scroll through on Pinterest too. From home decor ideas to recipes and DIY projects... I can totally live vicariously through the pictures on there.

Then there are the photography categories to search through. So many beautiful portraits that draw emotion, show beautiful "golden light" sessions, and show beautiful families looking all picturesque as if this is how they look on any given day with the children happily frolicking in the fields as if no one has cried or thrown a tantrum before arriving for their photo shoot...

Sound familiar?

I know family portrait sessions can sound stressful, but they don't need to be at all. Take all of those thoughts of needing the session to go "perfect" and for everyone's shirts to be wrinkle and spot free and throw them out the window.

Feeling better yet?

Now go to Pinterest and delete all of the images that you have been saving to show your photographer and trust the artist you have hired to capture authentic and beautiful portraits of YOUR family.

Don't get me wrong. Pinterest isn't bad and I love using it. However, it can create false expectations when we see a beautifully photographed portrait oozing with incredible emotion and then hope to recreate that exact same image. It just simply can't be done. 

My hope in every portrait session I do is to meet that family, learn a little about who they are, and document and capture that family authentically and not try and recreate an emotion.

I want my families to look at their pictures and say, "That is sooooooo our family..." Every imperfection, every wrinkle and every stain (don't worry, I edit stains out) and see THEIR family in their portraits and not a recreation.

So don't dread scheduling your family portraits. There is no better time than NOW to schedule and document life's greatest and imperfect treasures.