Monday... Start your week off RIGHT! || Pacific Northwest Portrait Photographer

How we choose to start our week can creates a domino affect on how the rest of our week will go. So many times I see "inspirational word quotes" that hate on Mondays. And to totally honest, I ALMOST posted one on my Instagram account this morning, then asked myself WHY I needed/wanted to post something negative about Monday's verses posting something positive. Then I saw these words about how I really feel about Mondays.

Inspirational Words to Start Your Week!

I love Mondays. They're the perfect day to start things off right. Instead of waking up having a bad attitude towards Mondays, it's the perfect opportunity to get things off and running for new goals, new dreams, new opportunities.

I know today (Monday) is 1/2 over... but it's not too late to look at this day with a new and fresh opportunity to be grateful for the life we've been given and also be grateful for another Monday that we have the opportunity to enjoy.

I hope you're having a lovely Monday!

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