Spring Beauty || Pacific Northwest Portrait & Wedding Photographer

Not sure about you, but some weeks are just FULL.

As a wife, mama, business owner, homeschool mama, worship arts associate, friend, daughter, etc. etc. etc. there are weeks that the hats stack up tall and I have to take off a few and set them to the side and just breath. 

The weather during this Pacific Northwest spring has been incredible! In fact, this week we are suppose to spike 80* which is not typical in these here mossy parts. This past Sunday I was able to do one of my most relaxing hobbies that I love, garden. I got dirt under my fingernails, hear the birds chirp, and just enjoyed my family and sunshine.

As business owners (and people in general) I think we forget to do that. To stop, breath, and enjoy being alive. We can often get so task oriented, feeling that if we just completed one more task we will be that much farther ahead in life. However, in reality, it's not true. 

About a month ago I was feeling "behind" and had the urgency to work harder. But a dear friend reminded me of something important, she said: "no one on their deathbed says, 'I wish I would have written one more email, or posted another blog post or, (fill in the blank.)' Instead, the majority of people say, 'I wish I would have spent more time with my family.' " 

And although things can stack up and get busy. I have to remind myself to also stop, slow down, and just be. It's healthy for me, for my family, and for my business.

I am grateful for these sunny spring days...