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I love behind the scenes photos. They provide aspiring photographer and parents with an opportunity to see what really takes place and how much post production (editing) goes into creating that "perfect" final product. Behind the scenes also give me an opportunity to teach, which I love doing. Here are three things that went into creating this image:

1.) Prop Preparation: When having a newborn on their tummy inside a prop, I look for sturdy, anti-tipping props that are large enough for baby to be curled up in. Once the item has been selected, I begin stuffing the inside with soft materials that will be comfortable for baby to lay on.

2.) Posing Baby: Before placing baby into the prop, I will first pose him/her on my lap and then transition baby onto the prop. This allows them to get comfortable with any movement I am making and perfect their hands and legs prior to being transferred. Once relaxed they are they moved into the prop for final adjusting.

3.) Newborn Safety: This part should be a "no-brainer," however, safety is something I do not take lightly. When placing any newborn or baby/child on a prop, parents or an adult should always be within harms reach. For this particular shot, baby's head was wobbly and unstable, so her Daddy helped keep her head stable while I took the shots I wanted. Then in post, his fingers were edited out.

Happy {SAFE} Shooting!

Behind the Scenes by Michelle Newell Photography

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