Spring in the Pacific Northwest || Photographer

Dear Spring in the Pacific Northwest, oh how I love you!

Spring in the Pacific Northwest

The last couple of days have made this mama happy! When the skies open up and the warm sun starts to make the earth grow and the flowers bloom, my hearts begins to play a new little tune.

Sitting in my office right now on this "warm" spring evening, I can hear the frogs croaking and the birds chirping. The clouds are lit up in majestic colors, and I saver very minute of it.

Times like these make me pause, slow down, and reflect on the blessing that I call LIFE. It is often easy to just GO-GO-GO and work hard. But it is in these quiet moments that I find rest, peace, and gratitude for everything that I have ever been blessed with in my life. From my family to the roof over my head. 

I believe life is a miraculous gift. And I am still learning to stop and pause in these beautiful moments.