Farewell 2016 || Pacific Northwest Portrait Photographer

It's almost here... AGAIN.

Can you believe it is almost 2017?! TWENTY SEVENTEEN! That number just seems surreal. 

2016 has been a wonderful and blessed year. A year for new adventures, new hopes, dreams fulfilled, and new blessings. It has been a year of meeting so many new people, capturing their favorite moments in life from new life to new love. Being a business owner and entrepreneur can be hard work at times, but at the end of the day, oh so rewarding! 

I have been thinking about 2017 and what that will look like for us as a family and as a business. I have found myself dreaming again and pushing myself to think outside of the box. It is easy to become "comfortable" and just coast through the days... But ultimately, I am a dreamer. Always have been... And I truly believe

God has blessed us tremendously as a family. I do not have enough fingers or toes to count those blessings. And every time I think, "That's gotta be it... the biggest blessing..." God blows my mind again.

I am excited for 2017. Excited to see what is in store, but am so grateful for every breath and every moment I am here on this earth to give back the blessings I feel and know God has given us. Loving God, Loving People, and Living Generously is how I pray I live my life everyday with my family, strangers, and those who walk through my studio door. 

I wish you all a very Happy New Year!