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I shared this earlier this year and wanted to re-share! Enjoy!

I love displaying my images in different ways around my house and want them to make an impact and statement, rather than just an after thought.

Often times walls can feel very overwhelming standing there all bare and big. We look at them with mass amounts of intimidation and wonder, "What am I going to hang there?? And HOW?" I think the HOW is the biggest question.

I absolutely LOVE Pinterest  for this very reason. Type in "Photography on Display" and it provide enormous amounts of ideas for how to display photos.

I came across this example on Pinterest and KNEW I had to do it in my house. When we moved 4 years ago, I had this really large hallway wall that needed something dramatic. Remembering the example below, I went BINGO! There's my solution! I purchased square frames from IKEA with mats and printed all of my images in black and white. I love hearing people's expressions when they see our "gallery wall" because it does the trick to not only make an impact, but solve the ever dreaded "big wall" problem.

Photography on Display

I am in a massive gold and brass obsession right now. And when I came across these vintage inspired frames from Anthropolie, I totally drooled! Not really =) I absolutely love them and will be purchasing a few of these to hang with vintage images of my grandparents and childhood photos.

Anthropologie Picture Frames

Clustering images can also feel overwhelming. But I found this awesome little chart on Pinterest that helps those who need the visual help on how to display images.

One little tip when doing clusters is to choose images that are either all shot from the same photo shoot OR to have all of your images in black and white. Often times photo cluster walls can look "messy" when there are a bunch of different images that have different styles in color and lighting. So choosing images that compliment each other in color and tone will help pull your wall display together.

One thing I love to do for my clients is create a visual using THEIR images so they can see and understand how they might display their images at home. Ariana Falerni Wall Guides helps make this quick and easy for me with endless options for my clients!

So then next time your photo shoot, don't fret! I'm here to help you from start to finish from stylizing your shoot to displaying them beautifully at home!