Photography Is Not My Hobby || Pacific Northwest Portrait Photographer

The title of this post is probably very obvious... But, photography is not my hobby. I love it, but there are times I enjoy setting the camera to the side and exploring other forms of art.

Last night while looking through Pinterest I saw this pretty deer and thought I would try my hand at it. It is no where near the original, but was fun to try. 

I need moments like this too. Moments that aren't specific to the craft of photography and allows me to play. Moments that are quiet and aren't pressured, rushed, or busy.

Watercolor Reindeer by Michelle Newell

I have tried hard this holiday season to block out time to do just that. To enjoy family time. To bake cookies, dink around with my daughter's watercolor paints, and watch silly Hallmark movies while the house is filled with the yummy smell of a winter candle burning.

Often times I find myself living by the calendar and "what's next" on the to do list. And while life, for me, needs to be structured and organized, having this time to let whatever happens, happen, is what I need. I truly think it's what we all need. If not. we live for the next big "high" of life and don't really just enjoy what is taking place.

I hope this holiday season doesn't pass by quickly without those quiet moments by the fire (as cheesy as it sounds) enjoying your loved ones around you.