Priceless Moments || Pacific Northwest Newborn Portraits

There are many priceless moments of parenthood that bring joy and laughter. Like the moment of holding your precious little girl during her first portrait shoot, capturing the newness of her and the bond that you forever have... When all of a sudden, you hear it... and then feel in your hand that she truly, truly loves you and has left a gift that only a mother would find... eerr, cute?! Haha! 

These are the moments during a session that are just too funny to capture. Instead of putting my camera down the moment I hear something, I keep clicking instead. Because who doesn't enjoy that moment when baby chooses to poo in her mommy's hand during what is suppose to be a tender moment. Aaaah babies, so precious and priceless! Love it!

Priceless Moments by Michelle Newell Photography

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