Be Fearless || Pacific Northwest Portrait Photographer

It's easy to see a large mountain and immediately feel intimated, scared, nervous, anxious... and every other emotion under the sun. 

I remember the feelings I had when I first started this business over 9 years ago. There were so many mountains to climb and hurdles to jump. If I looked at everything I wanted to accomplish, I could have easily given up and said, "It can't be done" or "It's too hard." Even in other areas of my life, I can look at huge, and I really do mean HUGE moments and think, "There's NO way I am even going to be able to accomplish that." But then I have to stop myself and ask, "Are you going to let those fears and worries get in your way of pursuing that passion and dream? That hurdle you are SUPPOSED to jump over?"

That's when I turn those fears into FUEL. The fuel that help me pursue those God-given moments. Those moments that set my soul on fire. 

Inspirational Quote

We ALL have mountains to climb. It doesn't mean that we will accomplish it in one day. But step by step, we steadily make it to the top and conquer the mountain.