Winter Foliage || Personal Project Day 3

Winter in the Pacific Northwest can often be cold, wet, and dreary. Then January arrives with cold crisp clear skies.

Today it was oddly warm out... Close to 50*F. Which is not normal for us. So my daughter and I decided to take a walk and I grabbed my camera before we went. I am glad I did. I love being outside. In the summer it is hard to keep me inside. If the sun is shining, I am outside gardening, pulling weeds, planting flowers, or even mowing the lawn. I love it. And I was so glad that today's weather offered warmer tempts to allow us to explore and enjoy the PNW.

Michelle Newell Photography || Winter Foliage
Michelle Newell Photography || Winter Beauty

The colors of winter are so beautiful too. The moss comes alive and the bark on many bushes and branches become a vibrant red that I love to photograph against.

Michelle Newell Photography || Fern

While on our walk I found some branches that had come down from the wind and had these beautiful little dainty pine cones on them. Instead of leaving them there, I decided to bring them home and put them on the newly refurbished farm table my husband just finished.

Michelle Newell Photography || Beauty Indoors

I love bringing the outdoors inside. I almost purchased some tulips today from the store. And I am glad I didn't. The winter foliage on my table brings an even bigger smile to my face.

Michelle Newell Photography || Winter Beauty Indoors

So go enjoy the outdoors. Grab your camera, your phone, your kiddos, and venture outside and capture the beauty that surrounds you.