Sweet Reese | Sammamish WA Baby Photographer

I feel so grateful and blessed to watch families grow year after year. To have the opportunity to document a little life from birth throughout their first year and beyond is something I definitely don't take for granted.

Being a Baby Photographer is so much more than just taking "quick pics." In fact, if I can be completely honest, I dislike extremely strongly the phrase "quick pics." When a baby comes to my studio I of course need to be "quick" because baby's attention spans are short and can tire easily. So, in some sense, the term quick is correct. However, when a baby comes to my studio, I want to create beautiful portraits that are meant to be displayed and hung beautifully on the walls. "Quick pics" go on hard drives and phones that are often times, never seen again. Portraits are displayed. :)

I absolutely loved photographing sweet baby Reese. She is full of smiles and joy and such a beautiful baby girl! Can't believe it has been 6 months since her newborn session!

There is no need to hide beautiful portraits like these on a hard drive. We love assisting our clients in displaying their portraits in beautiful wall displays in their homes. Here's an example of how these images could be displayed in a nursery.