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This past summer I had a weekend where I was photographing family portraits down in the Vancouver, WA (Portland, OR) area. So I had this BRIGHT idea that I would shoot my own family's portraits as well. It was a COMPLETELY last minute idea. Despite forgetting my daughter's outfit and a few things for myself, thus creating a last minute frantic shopping spree, it went surprisingly smooth and took all of 30 minutes.

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Redmond WA Portrait Photographer

Are you wondering how I did it? Here's how:

Using a tripod, I set up my gear approximately 5-8 yards from where we had set up to take our portraits. I have a handy-dandy trigger remote that I connected to my camera as well, which allowed me to trigger the shutter when we were ready for the group shot. Even for my own family shot I used the remote. Yes, I am anal and did it myself even after my dad offered to take them. :)

Family Portrait Photographer
Duvall WA Family Portrait Photographer
Redmond WA Family Photographer

Was I worried about taking my own family's portraits? Somewhat - more worried about meltdowns. But these two ROCKED the session! Not to mention there were 6 crazy adults acting super silly to get them to laugh and relax. Even my daughter's American Girl Doll wanted to get in on the action!

Duvall, WA Portrait Photographer

Do I recommend taking your own family portraits? You bet! But ONLY if you're crazy like me! Haha! Since I focused more on posed portraiture and smiles rather than interactive "lifestyle" portraits, it enabled me to get everyone set up, then find my place before capturing the group portrait. Other than that, I was conducting the portrait shoot like I would any other, and it was a lot of fun!

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