Winter Maternity Portraits || Pacific Northwest Maternity Photographer

Winter maternity portraits?? YES PLEASE!

I absolutely LOVE winter maternity portraits! Especially winter maternity portraits in the Pacific Northwest! I feel like the moss comes alive in gorgeous hues of green. The foliage produces colors of yellow, orange, reds, which is absolutely breathtaking when the light hits it. Not to mention the beautiful sparkle that the Northwest frost creates when it clings to trees and leaves. I love it!

Seattle Winter Maternity Photographer

If you're not afraid of the cold, then I HIGHLY recommend scheduling Winter Maternity Portraits. And don't worry - I do not make my clients stand in the snow or cold for hours on end. Many times they are wrapped in blankets to stay warm, and then shed the outer layer for the shots and quickly bundle up... and the results are stunning, if I say so myself.

Snohomish Maternity Photographer

I get asked often when the best time to schedule maternity portraits is. My general rule of thumb is to schedule them for after the 29th week of pregnancy as the tummy is generally starting to pop out and is nicely rounded. But definitely schedule prior to that to ensure availability.

Snohomish Winter Maternity Photographer

Maternity portraits are so much more than just taking pictures of pregnant women. It is freezing a moment in time of a journey that is truly miraculous. It is showing a woman that, although her body is changing, stretching, and shift, it is still beautiful. And I am so grateful to be a part of that journey for women!

Woodinville Winter Maternity Photography

Don't let winter pass by saying, "I wish I would have." Winter is one of the most spectacular times during the year to have your maternity portraits taken. Contact our studio for more details!