Daddy's Little Hunter || Pacific Northwest Newborn Photographer

I get a lot of prop requests for newborn sessions. But bringing in a rack was, believe it or not, a first in 10 years! I loved incorporating them into the session! 

Happy Hunting Lil' Dude! You're going to have some great bonding time with your Daddy!

Daddy's Little Hunter by Michelle Newell Photographry

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Sweet Evan || Pacific Northwest Newborn Photographer

Sweet little Evan came to the studio last week. He hardly made a peep and rocked his session! I have had the privilege of photographing his older sisters as well when they were newborns starting 5 years ago.

Love watching these sweet families grow!

Pacific Northwest Newborn Photography by Michelle Newell

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A Week from Blogging || Pacific Northwest Portrait Photographer

I needed a break from blogging... So I took it. Haha!

I've mentioned this before, but as entrepreneurs, it's easy to not stop. To keep going and not take a break from things. Especially when EVERYTHING about your business is dependent on YOU.

About a week ago, we took a little family trip for some much needed R&R. We needed it. Time to ourselves. Time to have fun. Time away from the "everyday." Our first two nights were spent at Great Wolf Lodge, which in all honesty, was for my daughter. Haha! Then we headed to Lake Quinault Lodge, which was amaaaaaazing! It is nestled in the Quinault Rain Forest in the Olympic National Forest and was beautiful. We sat by a crackling fire, played in the pool, and drove Hwy 101 along the coast on the way home. 

We certainly live in one of the most beautiful places. I really do love the Pacific Northwest! So many different landscapes and picturesque moments.

Follow My Personal Instagram Account: @michellecnewell

Follow My Personal Instagram Account: @michellecnewell

After returning we headed into a busy week. Thus the need to not to take a break from blogging. But, I'm back and there are sneak peeks to be posted! So STAY TUNED!!!

Happy Monday and ALMOST SPRING!!!!!

REST || A Letter To Photographers and Business Owners

7 days a week. 24 hours a day.

As an entrepreneur, it is easy to never really stop working. There are emails to be checked and sent, sessions to process, bills to pay, business planning to do, shoots to shoot... The list goes on and on. We thrive on "doing" and "going" and "moving forward" and "accomplishing" and "you fill in the blank." Yes, that was a lot of air quotes, but it's true. 

My me, my work is where I am. I am always thinking of the emails or social media messages I receive and need to respond to. Or the shoots that still need to be edited, or products that need to be processed. It's easy to never stop. 

BUT - we HAVE to take time to STOP.

I do not believe in the motto of working 24/7. Or pushing the grind until I am sick. I have done that. And let me just say, IT IS NOT HEALTHY. It doesn't make you a hero to push all nighter after all nighter and keep going going going "just because." Are there exceptions to this rule? Of course. But ultimately I have learned that it is about time management, priorities, and placing boundaries to protect myself from living an unhealthy lifestyle of poor time management.

A friend once reminded me that no one on their death bed wishes they had worked harder or spent more time away from their family... And that hit me. 

Image from Pinterest

Image from Pinterest

As a business owner and entrepreneur it is hard to say "No" to clients or potential clients. We want to say YES all of the time (especially when you are first starting out) because you don't want to lose business. We live a life with NO boundaries and quickly learn that our time is being taken from us and we are spending the majority of our free time catching up or really, chasing it.

This coming September will be my 10th Anniversary. TEN years of running my own business. Ten years of learning, growing, and building. I have learned a LOT in how to run my own business over this last decade. Just saying that feels so surreal. But one of the BIGGEST things I have learned is that in order to remain "successful" at what I do, I HAVE to REST. I have to create and protect family time as well as personal time.

I am able to serve my clients better when my body and mind are healthy and when I have taken time for me. 

Want to be a successful business owner? Protect a day that is just yours. A day that you can rest from the everyday grind. A day that you do something 100% unrelated to what you to day in and day out. 

Make sure to rest. Your body and mind will thank you for it!

Happy Weekend!

BRING ON SPRING!! || Pacific Northwest Portrait Photographer

I have never been MORE excited to welcome the month of March ever!! It means we're ONE month closer to spring! And boy am I ready!

Ready for warmer days, the smell of life blooming on the trees and the flowers sprouting from the ground. The smell of fresh cut grass and the sound of lawn mowers and dirt under my nails from planting seeds. I - AM - SO - READY!

I am also ready for OUTDOOR shoots!! I love my studio, but I also love shooting outside. Winter doesn't keep me indoors for shooting, but it is definitely much more enjoyable then when it is 30 and below outside!

I have definitely been grateful for the rest that winter brings, but this woman is ready to be OUTSIDE in the sunshine!!! Spring is booking up QUICKLY! We're already booking late April and May. PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE don't delay in reserving your session with me!! I book quickly and once we're full, we're full.

Happy 1st day of March everyone!

Pacific Northwest Maternity Photography by Michelle Newell

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Meet Noah || Pacific Northwest Newborn Photographer

Meet Noah! He decided to surprise his Mommy & Daddy by coming 6 weeks early! He was such a cute little itty-bitty to photograph 1 day before his original due date. Barely made a peep and was such a joy to photograph!

Welcome to the world little one!

Newborn Photography by Michelle Newell Photography

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Moody Maternity || Pacific Northwest Portrait Photographer

Winter and Spring in the Pacific Northwest can definitely create some very moody and very unpredictable weather. If you're a photographer and have lived here long enough, you learn really quickly how to adapt your shoots to accommodate to what the weather is deciding and not to predictable sunny California dreams.

I absolutely love it when clients hand me the reigns and allow me to do what I do best, which is create. Don't get me wrong, I love collaborating on shoots, however, I can often envision things that others might not. Not to mention, I am very familiar with the areas that I do sessions in and know how the light works in each spot that I choose.

On this particular day we were watching the clouds roll in. Hoping that the little wet rain drops would stay put for their session. And thankfully, they did. spring had not yet sprung, and everything was pretty much still in hibernation mode. No pretty buds, no warm light, just cold moody and unpredictable skies. But that was okay!

Sometimes you just have to take what the weather is going to give you and create something beautiful and dramatic out of what could feel like a bummer of a day.

PNW Maternity Portraits by Michelle Newell Photography

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