Moody Maternity || Pacific Northwest Portrait Photographer

Winter and Spring in the Pacific Northwest can definitely create some very moody and very unpredictable weather. If you're a photographer and have lived here long enough, you learn really quickly how to adapt your shoots to accommodate to what the weather is deciding and not to predictable sunny California dreams.

I absolutely love it when clients hand me the reigns and allow me to do what I do best, which is create. Don't get me wrong, I love collaborating on shoots, however, I can often envision things that others might not. Not to mention, I am very familiar with the areas that I do sessions in and know how the light works in each spot that I choose.

On this particular day we were watching the clouds roll in. Hoping that the little wet rain drops would stay put for their session. And thankfully, they did. spring had not yet sprung, and everything was pretty much still in hibernation mode. No pretty buds, no warm light, just cold moody and unpredictable skies. But that was okay!

Sometimes you just have to take what the weather is going to give you and create something beautiful and dramatic out of what could feel like a bummer of a day.

PNW Maternity Portraits by Michelle Newell Photography

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Lazy Saturdays || Pacific Northwest Photographer

Saturdays are either extremely busy or super low key and lazy. Today, on this gloomy rainy Pacific Northwest winter day things were non-stop around the house, yet lazy at the same time. I mean really? Is that even possible? Yes, yes it is. At my house, it absolutely is.

I am not one to sit down and watch T.V. during the day. Typically the boob-tube stays off all day and we are "doing." Doing school, doing housework, doing projects, doing work-work... We're doing. I'm a do'er. Not a sitter. In fact, I have to leave my house in order to relax because when I'm home, I feel like I need to be doing something. 

Today, on this rather rainy and dark day, Brooklynn and I decided to bake some homemade whole wheat banana bread while the hubs worked in the garage. It's my favorite recipe by The Elliott Homestead. It is egg free and sugar free and oh so yummy!!!

taking on with my Samsun s6

taking on with my Samsun s6

The house smells absolutely divine and oh so cozy! We (really, I) made a low-carb Cajun Jambalaya by Fit Men Cook. It was a cookin'/baking kinda day. 

I am forcing myself to enjoy these lazy days as I watch my calendar fill up. Soon, I will be longing for the lazy days of winter again...

Hope you are having a lazy and relaxing weekend as well! 

Make Believe || Pacific Northwest Portrait Photographer

Make believe... a child's favorite game.

This past weekend we watched Anne of Green Gables after finishing the book. When the movie was over, Brooklynn immediately went into role playing and was on the hunt for a long gown she could pretend in. I happened to have this vintage gown in the closet I purchased for a photo shoot and decided to let her play in it.

Today she asked if I would do a photo shoot with her, which I obliged.

I'll be the first to admit, I don't take enough photos of her with my "big" camera. I have plenty of cell phone photos, but I admittedly fail when it comes to pulling out my professional gear at home. But today was fun. It took all of 15 minutes and the images aren't perfect or perfectly edited. I can sit here and literally pick apart all of the technical details that need to be corrected and how I should have shot the image differently and exposed it in-camera... But that wasn't and isn't the point of these photos. The point  and purpose was to allow my daughter to pretend, make believe, and do HER "thang." Not my own. 

And honestly, it was fun. :) 

I love this girl. Her personality, her creativity, her love for pretending in doing "fancy" things. And I love that I have the opportunity to watch her in this phase... Because how quickly it will go. 


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Love Is In The Air || Pacific Northwest Engagement Photographer

Snow, Rain, Snow, Rain... This weather has me longing for long summer days and warm sunshine on my face.

I am trying to be optimistic with these dreary days, but phew, just a little break in the weather would be great. Mr Groundhog didn't help any either by predicting that our winter is going to be longer rather than shorter. Sigh, it's okay. For now, we'll enjoy beautiful warm images from summer's past of one of my lovely couples as we approach Valentine's Day.

I hope you all are staying warm and safe during this long winter! I am definitely grateful for a warm and cozy house and piles of blankets!

Engagement Portraits by Michelle Newell Photography
Seattle Engagement Photography by Michelle Newell
Summer Engagement Portraits by Michelle Newell

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Maternity || Pacific Northwest Maternity Photographer

Every body is unique.

Every woman's story is different.

Every session is filled with vulnerability. Rawness. And organic beauty.

I can't tell you how many times I have teared up listening to the stories of how a mother became a mother. Whether there was loss, countless months, if not years, of trying or just the sheer joy of seeing that little stick tell you you're pregnant. 

I get it. I get those moments. And I also get feeling like your body is no longer beautiful because the numbers on the scale change as a life grows within. Or you see your body morphing and changing shape preparing itself so that it can bring forth this new life. We don't see ourselves as beautiful. We don't see the miraculous shape our body is becoming as lovely... However, when a woman comes to me and asks me to document the journey she is on, I take those minutes extremely serious. 

For the next 75 to 90 minutes we are together, I want to document and show her just how radiant and beautiful she really is. That she is one of the strongest, most beautiful, and gorgeous beings on this planet.

Maternity portraits are not just for reflecting on... they are truly empowering. And to read the private responses shared with me minutes after seeing their images, it makes me love my job that much more. 

Pacific Northwest Maternity Photographer
Seattle Maternity Photography by Michelle Newell
Intimate Maternity by Michelle Newell Photography
Outdoor Maternity Portrait by Michelle Newell
Intimate Maternity Portraits by Michelle Newell

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Hello February || Pacific Northwest Portrait Photographer

Hello February,

I am so glad you are a short month.

Today the skies are clear, the sun is shining, and it is frigid outside. I'm not one who likes to be cooped up for very long. I am very much a do'r and get'er done'r (<--- yes, I know this is poor English, ha!) so when there is down time, I begin to go a little stir crazy. Although, I am enjoying winter's ways of forcing me to stay inside and get much needed office work done and begin prepping for upcoming sessions.

Although, I am VERY excited about all of the upcoming newborn and maternity sessions that are booking up my calendar quickly!

Image from Pinterest

Image from Pinterest

Spring will be here very quickly, so if you are hoping to book your session with me this spring and summer, NOW is the time to book. My calendar books quickly, and once it is full, it is sadly full.

Happy February!