New Life  -  New Love  -  New Beginnings

There are very few moments in life that make us catch our breath. Stop us in our tracks. Slow us down and absorb every tiny detail.

From the thrill of saying "I Do," to the joy of expecting, and love of new life, these moments are forever etched in time. Milestone moments that truly feel as those time has stopped. And photographing these moments for over 8 years has been a true joy for me. It is as though people have given me special keys to secret rooms of their heart. We share laughs, happy tears, life journeys...

Photography is more than just a "pretty picture." It is about the life journey that has brought us to these moments that we want to forever freeze in time. To capture - To embrace - To remember.

This is why I am a photographer. This is why I am passionate in what I do and I am so grateful for those special keys that have been given to me to document heart moments. I hold them carefully and do not take them for granted.

So whether it is the joy of expecting, the milestones of a new little one, family life, or documenting the love between couples, I look forward to capturing the authentic you in moments that will last a lifetime

Michelle Newell Photography